Why & how to partner up…

The “why to partner up” is pretty easy to sum up…

  • You can benefit from each others strengths
  • You can overcome each others weaknesses
  • You gain an accountability partner which will help to speed the progress
  • You can tackle projects that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own

And even though you share profits with a partner, together you will be able to get much better results then each on their own.

How do I know? I have partnered up with various other Internet Marketers since 2007 and those sites that I am doing together with business partners are responsible for 90% of my sales ever since.

Besides all of those reasons why it’s simply more fun to work together with others than trying to get all done on your own.

Moving on to the “how to partner up”…

I personally have partnered up with others starting with a simple Skype chat… which ended in a Skype handshake that started a business relationship and ended up generating $3,705,036.15 in sales so far with just one of our joint projects. Since we started to partner up, my business partner Colin Klinkert and I released 3 major projects (ViralURL, ViralinBox & ViralHosts) and a few small ones… and that while living at opposites points in the world, him in Monaco and me in Australia.

Another way I found a business partner was by attending offline seminars and a customer appreciation meeting in a local hotel. Since then my business partner Aurelius Tjin and I not only released a major project together (ViralPLR), but also worked on several smaller projects including our first two books released on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

One thing to keep in mind is that it will be easier to work together if you are geographically close to each other, or at east in the same time zone. Colin and I meet up at least once a year for a week to overcome the obstacle of geographical distance between us and for the first few months of us working together we were actually living a lot closer… he was just about 1 1/2 hours by plane north from me, which was about the same time-zone.

It will, of course, help if you have an outgoing personality and are not afraid of starting a conversation with a like-minded individual. But even if you are the shy type… I highly recommend to not give up and simply keep trying to find a like minded business partner.

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