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Saturday the 20th


Today one of my subscribers asked we about my opinion on BlockBuzz (no longer available) and about possible help of me promoting it for her. I believe my reply to her might benefit you as well…

I was introduced to BlockBuzz by the #1 referrer of BlockBuzz, Frank Astheimer, who I personally know several years now.

One of the things I like about BlockBuzz is that they invest a lot of money into generating tons of traffic (215,963 clicks as of right now) by offering daily cash prices now (and after prelaunch they plan to offer even more) and those attract people interested in gaining money, which happen to be also my main target market online. 

Now, to make BlockBuzz (or any other program for that fact) work for all of us, we all will need to promote it… if it’s just me promoting for everybody that joins under me, the more I refer, the less it would help each single one. That’s why I personally prefer the “teach to fish” vs the “service you fish” approach.

Now you might think that’s easy to say me me, being in the position of having an existing list of subscribers, members, affiliates and customers to promote to. Here is what can offer to help…

Obviously, when you join any program like BlockBuzz through my affiliate link, there will be a commission that I earn because of that.

For that I can upgrade your account in one of my sites that allow you to email advertise every 1-3 days to my members.

Just let me know your BlockBuzz ID and either your, or login email address and I will upgrade your account to be able to either email 3,000 every 3 days ( or or 1,000 every day ( for a certain time for free, depending on the number of BlockBuzz ad blocks you buy (1 month for 1-4 and an additional month for every 4 additional ad blocks).

Besides that, what I recommend to do it to work on generating traffic on your own by creating simple videos that you upload to e.g. YouTube in which you talk about anything you can think of in regards to doing business online and BlockBuzz.

These don’t have to be overly professional or long, what is important what keywords you use in the video title and description and that you use your BlockBuzz affiliate link in every description.

Just doing 1-2 videos each week which should take each just a few minutes to create will over time generate you lots of targeted traffic. 

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’

Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success in business & health in life,

Frank Bauer

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