M2 06/14 – Introducing new live chat… plus upgrade Giveaway!

After almost 1 1/2 years, 61 episodes and countess hours of Marketing Meetup content, it’s finally time to get back to the basics… and that’s the main reason why the Marketing Meetup was born in the first place…

Providing our subscribers and members with awesome content, tips, help and support to build their own online businesses.

In this months Marketing Meetup I will introduce our new live chat system that will allow us to get back to that main purpose of the Marketing Meetup.

Also, same as last time, I will give away a Platinum upgrade to on of my sites so you can implement the tips we give right away.

The winner of last episode was: Greg Wessels

Congratulation! Will you be our next winner?

The winner of the 6 month Platinum upgrade Giveaway was not found during the hangout, so you can still win the Giveaway!

Simply answer the one simple question I asked during the Giveaway and the first to mention the correct answer in the comments will win.

Recommended sites in this session of M2 are…

Kore4 –

GetResponse –

Aweber –

TrafficZipper –

ViralURL –

ViralinBox –

ViralPLR –

ViralHosts –

You can simply join the next Marketing Meetup and just watch us live or even ask live questions on the first Tuesday of the month at 9 pm EST at any of the following locations… (pick the one that suits you best)

ViralURL members can join here:

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Greg Wessels says:

    Hi Frank,

    I responded to the Marketing Meetup question a couple days ago but have not heard from you. The answer is 50% by the way.

    Brett Harbour also tried to answer the question @ Viral Url but he received an error message.

    Additionally, I never received my prize from last month. Platinum @ ViralURL is preferred. Let me know.


    • Frank Bauer says:

      Hi Greg,

      Oh, looks like my email to you never reached you… I have now upgraded your ViralURL account to Platinum until the end of this year (extra 24 days to compensate for the delay).

      When you send your replied to the giveaway question several days ago… where can I find that reply of yours?

      Thank you also for being a sport and pointing out Brett’s reply in the Global chat.

      • Greg Wessels says:

        I commented here but it didn’t seem to post. In fact, this is my 2nd attempt to reply to your post.

        Thanks for the upgrade!


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