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How To Generate Free Profits Without A List, A Website Or Even Your Own Product!

19. September 2008


Again and again, I keep getting asked how someone can start making money without having to make big investments in expensive software or without having to buy big home study courses worth thousands of dollars, first. These people usually have no money to invest and need money coming in quickly (sometimes, in as little as 7 days or their "house gets sold", they "lose their car", the "electricity gets cut off" or whatever other emergencies you can imagine...).

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The Google Duplicate Content Penalty – Myth or Reality?

1. September 2008


There have been lots of discussions going on whether it’s still smart to be using duplicate content on your web pages. In this article, I want to give you my opinion about it and what I’ve personally noticed with regards to the use of PLR content or free reprint articles on my own websites and […]

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Subscriber Feedback – Re: What are you waiting for?

28. July 2008


Good Morning, Detlev… I found out a long time ago that what you are talking about in your email {“What are you waiting for…”}, what that link you included is really dealing with… at least I hope it is. It’s called “Fear of Success”. In a nutshell, it comes from your family, that you don’t […]

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3 Free Traffic Secret Videos From John Reese…

13. July 2008


Maybe, you’ve seen the videos already which I am about to show you but if not, then please pay close attention to them because they can add more profits to your bottom line: ==> Yes, the videos are from THE John Reese who was the first well known Internet marketer to hit the 1 […]

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The new SEO – Part 2: Theming your website using Silo Structures

1. July 2008


Linking from every page to all the other pages dilutes your organizational theme of your website, thus making it very difficult for your main keywords to rank organically in the major search engines.

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