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Hi Detlev,

I am wondering if you could possibly help me. I just lost my primary source of income and don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent and feed my family. I have purchased many hundreds of ebooks on how to make money online, etc but nothing has worked for me yet. I need a way to make money starting right away. If you know of a method I can put into practice where I do say step1, step2, etc and I will make money I would be forever in your debt sir.

I’m asking you because I’m one of your customers and out of all the gurus I buy products from you seem like you are the most honest and caring of them all. Any help you could provide me with would be awesome. I’m not asking for a hand out maybe just a hand up to make my own money asap as my financial situation is very critical at this point.



Hi James,

Thanks for your trust in me and calling me a “guru”. But in fact, I’m no better than you… The difference might be that I am taking action on what I am reading about and you may not be taking action or you may be taking the wrong steps.

Internet marketing is very much about trying and testing things rather than giving someone a 1,2,3 step action plan which might not be suitable for everyone. Because what is working for others doesn’t have to be the best plan for you. You need to try out things and then find your own way rather than just trying to follow someone’s footsteps.

You must be enjoying the process and not just the money…

You can be making money by selling (unique) products, by reselling other people’s products (requires you to have a list, first) or by publishing content. If you don’t have the technical experience or the knowledge about product creation/selling online and everything that’s related to it (e.g. unique selling proposition/JV marketing/affiliate marketing/customer support) then the best option would be just publishing content/ making an income from VRE type of sites.

That’s also what I recommended to my personal coaching client on Mauritius! But a lot of that requires you to outsource tasks as well. You can do these things yourself but it will take you longer to see success.


You have the best qualifications to make money though…

Because since you’re already a member of my Niche Content Websites and of Backlink Solutions, you just need to put the stuff into ACTION and not let them collect digital dust. I can be wrong but I suppose, you have not been doing anything with both of them so far because if you had, you would not be asking me about how to make money with them. There is no push-button solution to making money. You have to invest your time or your money and sometimes both.

All of the techniques require time in the same way that someone wants to lose weight. I mean, if someone is 50 pounds overweight, you wouldn’t expect that he could lose those pounds in a week or two would you? And it’s the same in business… It’s about all the little steps taken together which will give you the results over time – not in a day or two.

Now each small step on its’ own will probably not give you the desired results but once you combine all the little steps you’ve taken, you’ll be making a huge step forward towards your income goals. Internet marketing also is about consistency. If you’re not consistent in your actions, you won’t get far either. Meaning, if you’re promoting your site(s) by getting 1 or 2 backlinks altogether and you stop getting more links then you won’t become very successful. On the other hand, if you’re getting 1-2 backlinks a day or every 2 days it can make a complete difference. Be consistent!

Anyone who tells you, you can be making money in a week or two by just doing a certain type of actions is lying because he is supposing that you already have all the background info which he probably received as education in the years before he had his breakthrough…

So if you need a step by step plan which will be making you money based on what you already have, then here it comes:

Step 1: Download your Adsense sites from Niche Content Websites.

Step 2: Do your keyword research and find the best niches within these Adsense sites to get into by doing a search for the main keywords of each niche at:

This will give you the number of searches AND the competition. Choose the keywords with the least amount of competitors in Google (preferably with less than 1000 websites for that keyword).

Step 3: Register individual domain names for the niches that you want to get into – include your keywords whenever possible.

Step 4: Get a hosting account for multiple sites. I would choose Hostmonster for this because it allows you to host unlimited domains which is what you’ll need and the price is just $5.95 a month which is a steal.

Step 5: Upload the sites to your domains (edit the config files first just – see instructions)

Step 6: Get as many backlinks to the sites as you can. This is where Backlink Solutions comes into play…

Step 7: Login into your Backlink Solutions account and make a post to the blogs which are suitable for that category – use the keyword expression (the one which has not a lot of competition) and link it back to your Adsense site – not just to the index page but to the individual HTML page that is using the keyword
expression –

e.g. link “flyfishing in alaska” to

This means, you need to prepare at least 4-5 posts (150-200 words each) which are unique. You need different ones because if you’re posting the same articles to all relevant blogs and the blogs which are suitable for all topics, it could probably raise a red flag with the search engines.

There are 3 ways to get your posts written:

a.) Write them yourself from scratch

b.) Rewrite Private Label articles you have (these can even be the ones which are using on your sites as long as you rewrite them completely!!)

c.) Outsource this step by going to and posting a project there… You will be looking for an article writer who can also make these posts to Backlink Solutions’ blogs on your behalf.

The cheapest option, of course, is to do it yourself by rewriting PLR articles and posting them to the blogs yourself. But this means that you need to invest your time instead of your money. Do NOT SKIP this step – whatever option you choose!

Step 8.) Combine this with Bum Marketing (article marketing). Meaning instead of just having backlinks from Backlink Solutions blogs, improve upon the strength of your sites by implementing article marketing as well.

Write at least 5 unique articles about your chosen subject(s) and submit them to:

In your resource box, you link back to your Adsense sites again and thus you’ll get more backlinks with your keywords included which in turn will give you great rankings and visitors from the search engines. These articles can also get picked up by ezines within that niche which can also mean direct visitors from these
published articles and not just from the search engines.

That’s it. Follow this plan and you WILL be making money – it’s a can’t fail plan if you follow the steps and are putting them into action!!

There’s no doubt about this. The problem is that most people are not willing to put in that much work. e.g. most members of my NCW are just uploading the sites to their servers and are expecting the search engines to magically index their sites and give them great rankings. It doesn’t work that way. Without backlinks, the Adsense sites are like dead ducks in the water.

You seem to have recognized this because you have joined Backlink Solutions. Now it’s time to TAKE ACTION ON IT!!

The plan which I have laid out for you doesn’t require further investments than the ones you’ve already laid out in the past. Only if you want to speed up the process, you should be investing in outsourcing.

Remember: Just reading it will get you nowhere.

It’s action that counts!



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