Getting Visitors to Take Action – Did You Try Asking Them?

Everyone wants conversions, naturally, that’s kind of the point right? But if you already have tons of traffic but few conversions, obviously something is fundamentally wrong. And there are only a few things that could be turning off those who have found their way to your page:

1. They got lost, and somehow found you and have no interest in what you are selling.

If this is a problem, it is likely your own doing, perhaps on accident, but you either have deceitful backlinks, or misdirected SEO. Whichever it is, it is a good idea to fix the problem. While everyone wants more traffic, tricking people into coming to your site only creates ill will toward you and your product – and won’t sell a single thing to someone, who is likely annoyed as it is, who wasn’t looking for your product or something like it.

2. Something on your site is just unattractive.

This could be almost anything from an ugly template, to poorly written copy. Most often it is simply that your site is confusing. It can be difficult for one so immersed in their own site, as you likely are, to look at it as one would who has never heard of you, your product, and never seen your site. If you discover you site is too confusing to the average John Doe, consider hiring a designer, or reading up on design. And don’t let a programmer design, they rarely understand that most people haven’t been working with computers their whole life, and they tend to not make sites less than user friendly.

3. Check your benefits.

Make a list of them. Spend time thinking. Often it happens one will find unexpected benefits. Next order your benefits by importance, and start and end with the greatest benefit. While conveying these benefits in the text, be sure your language is simple, concise, and yes, interesting. Even make it entertaining if possible, but always putting the benefits first. This may require the help of a professional.

4. Ask them.

Your site looks great, your copy is solid and your benefits are clear. You would be surprised how often at the end of all of this people forget to ask the reader to take action.

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