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Joint Ventures in Internet Marketing

15. October 2008


Joint Ventures in Internet Marketing

Many times joint ventures in Internet marketing are entered into between a person who has developed a new and innovative product or service but has no Internet marketing history and no list to market his product or service to and an established Internet Marketer who has spent years developing his list and his reputation.

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How To Generate Free Profits Without A List, A Website Or Even Your Own Product!

19. September 2008


Again and again, I keep getting asked how someone can start making money without having to make big investments in expensive software or without having to buy big home study courses worth thousands of dollars, first. These people usually have no money to invest and need money coming in quickly (sometimes, in as little as 7 days or their "house gets sold", they "lose their car", the "electricity gets cut off" or whatever other emergencies you can imagine...).

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The Two Biggest Reasons Why Most People Will Never Make a Full-Time Income Online…

10. September 2008

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It all starts when some well-meaning (yet misdirected) person encourages a budding internet entrepreneur to “start in a niche they know alot about”, or base their business around “something they’re passionate about”… As horrible as it may sound – they’ve unknowingly sent the hopeful entrepreneur down a path of false expectations, poor results and eventually […]

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Transforming From Average Affiliate Marketer To Super Affiliate

3. September 2008


What usually happens when an affiliate marketer goes to Clickbank or Commission Junction and signs up as an affiliate marketer for a particular product or service that is relative to his affiliate marketing business topic? The first thing this affiliate does is usually to place a logo for the product on his website and send […]

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The Google Duplicate Content Penalty – Myth or Reality?

1. September 2008


There have been lots of discussions going on whether it’s still smart to be using duplicate content on your web pages. In this article, I want to give you my opinion about it and what I’ve personally noticed with regards to the use of PLR content or free reprint articles on my own websites and […]

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