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Good Morning, Detlev…

I found out a long time ago that what you are talking about in your email {“What are you waiting for…”}, what that link you included is really dealing with… at least I hope it is. It’s called “Fear of Success”. In a nutshell, it comes from your family, that you don’t have permission to grow or succeed past their level, the families place or station in life. We get programmed all our childhood to accept our place, station, in life, you are told over and over for years things like “We, our family, have always been {insert some job or trade, etc. here”}.

You could call it the “blue collar”, or “lower working class curse”. I heard it all my life, that we were workers. My Dad really only gave me one piece of advice that he had gotten when he was young “get a job and show up every day”. The idea he said was that if you showed up every morning you would work all day and that would get you a paycheck on Friday.

Sadly, too many people are programmed to only expect a typical paycheck on Friday for their whole life. They think they will never be allowed to climb up the ladder… That those places are for others and we aren’t like them. And it’s a terrible thing to live with and even harder to break out of. And the only way out is to get permission to exceed the traditional family limitations.

A few lucky ones learn that they can give themselves that needed permission, but it is a great struggle to develop that simple ability. The tragic fact of life is the great multitudes won’t, simply can’t for the above reasons. But then it wouldn’t be such a great society without them, without anyone to do the work that needs to be done. For they are, in fact, the fountain of wealth the few at the top live off of by taking a bit of what each produces for themselves. A few cents isn’t much by itself, but if one is taking a few cents from hundreds, or thousands, or millions it adds up nicely to a huge amount of wealth. And that is what the super rich do, have always done…

I’ll share with you the real secret Napoleon Hill discovered, what he alluded to in every chapter but never actually named outright… everything else he wrote is just supporting methods. And every self-help, how to do it, get rich, book, program, or system since then only takes a part or three of what he wrote in “Think and Grow Rich” and simply expounds on it a bit more, none of those have ever offered anything new, it’s something I had written on my wall years before I read his book, a “what to do with the great idea your mind gave you, or the desire you get for something”.

Just do IT.. NOW!

“Now” is the keyword, thinking about won’t get anything done If you can give yourself permission and then just do it NOW you will succeed. His thirteen basic principles are simply tools to help you get it done faster. And that’s why 99% of the people that buy all the books and systems and all the rest never ever use them, they simply don’t have permission to do it, to go forth farther and succeed.

Someone loaned me their copy of “The Secret” last week and from what I read it boils down to about the same thing, their slant is kinda like self hypnosis to give yourself permission to get what you want, to be able to accept it when it shows up. And again it’s you that must do it, what ever that is which is required to go get the thing you want. Like they teach in school for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, that is because the universe demands balance.

You can share this if you want, even look deeper into it so you can share a deeper understanding of what it is and how to learn to give permission and then do it NOW. And if it makes you a new bundle of money maybe you’ll share back what you think it was worth…

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